Design has always been a huge part of our creative process. From the ads and brochures that we design for our customers to our facility itself. It was a natural progression from art table to architecture. The great expanse of our home office is filled with things that we designed. The unique inner wall in the foyer and the furniture were designed and built by us. The expansive greeters desk, the recording studio desk and cabinets, and the executive board room table are all examples of work built by others but designed by us.

We chose to design and build our facility based on our confidence as artists and our desire to make Studio A truly our own. There is a special feeling that generates to others when you have put your heart and soul into every angle of every design. This feeling translates into a loyalty and devotion to our office that is typically experienced by folks when they design and build their own home. We're proud of our architecture because it is another facet that makes Studio A, Studio A.