How Much Will You Pay Me?
Here, we believe you should be paid what you are worth. We believe it is impossible to overpay a great Dream Team Member. We follow a simple philosophy - to be the best Company in the world, you must attract the best people in the world. To attract the best people in the world, you must let them represent the best products in your industry. Then, you must compensate your team far better than anyone else would ever consider.

What is Your Corporate Culture?
Our Corporate Mission is Happiness - for our Company, for our Dream Team Members and their families. We believe to achieve Happiness, we must have a balance of Fun, Pride and Financial Success.

How Good Are You?
Simple. Check out our Awards and Recognition Page.

How Good Is Your Team?
We believe in being the Best of the Best. The Dream Team is not talk, it is Our Mission.

Where Are You Located?

Our Corporate Headquarters is 203 N. Main Street, Mishawaka, Indiana. Mishawaka is consistently cited as one of the most desirable communities in the entire United States featuring a great educational system, tremendous real estate values, an exceptionally attractive cost of living, and complete healthcare facilities.

We are the perfect hub for the Midwest - 90 minutes east of Chicago, two hours north of Indianapolis and three hours west of Detroit. The Mishawaka-South Bend community is home to the world-renown University of Notre Dame. Not only do residents enjoy the security and serenity of a beautiful community to live and raise families, we are only one to two hours from anything you could possibly want.

How Secure Will I Be?
Our Company has been here for more than two decades. We have never laid off a single Team Member in our history, never downsized, never implemented a pay cut, never cut benefits. In fact.we continue to grow regardless of economic conditions. Our Dream Team Members realize pay increases, benefit increases and we are continually adding to our unique LifeStyle Bonus Package.

Do You Offer Training?
Absolutely. Our training techniques are innovative, cutting edge and life changing.

We offer not only introductory training, but we also strongly believe in providing on-going industry knowledge training, sales training, customer service training, and Company culture training. In addition, we believe in and support most forms of Continuing Education.

What is Your Benefits Package?
We have incredible benefits, from our outstanding health insurance coverage program to our unique dental, chiropractic, optical and family care packages. Finally, our unique LifeStyle Bonus program provides unparalleled benefits available from virtually any Company, anywhere!

What is My Growth Potential?
Opportunities for growth are nearly inconceivable. We believe you should never cap growth, rather you should encourage it. We are a vision-oriented Company who believes in horizontal as well as vertical growth. We believe in moving into new fields and industries. We believe in constant expansion for our Company and our Dream Team Members.

Is Relocation Paid?
Yes, in some cases we may help underwrite relocation expenses. Though we feel you are making an investment in your career, we also believe in investing in our Dream Team Members.
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